What Is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising is a set of advertising programs where listings are guaranteed to appear in response to particular search terms, with higher ranking typically obtained by paying more than other advertisers. Search networks are often setup in an auction environment where keywords and phrases are associated with a cost-per-click (CPC) fee. Overture (Yahoo!) and Google are the largest networks, but MSN and other portals sell paid placement listings directly as well.

Pay-per-click advertising makes a big impact on your bottom line. When done well, the impact is an effective campaign that generates traffic to your web site. Done poorly, it can eat up your marketing budget very quickly without achieving your business goals.

Search Engine SEO World specializes in Google AdWords and Yahoo!/Overture PPC accounts and helps you do PPC well. We help you research keyword effectiveness and help you setup your campaign. Continual statistical and analysis reports (Google Analytics) shows you how your campaign is doing by indicating exactly where visitors go, and what they do once they have arrived at your site. Have you ever purchased a keyword phrase, only to find out hundreds of dollars later that it wasn't the right one? Search Engine SEO World helps your business manage your campaigns and ROI regardless whether you commit $50 or $100,000. At Search Engine SEO World we pride ourselves in our research and analysis of each individual company, to best ensure success for all of our clients. Your pay per click account will be managed and monitored by an experienced, dedicated SEO specialist.

Search Engine SEO World PPC Process

  • Account creation or transition
  • Initial research and planning
  • Creation of the campaign
  • Suggestions of cost reductions
  • Tracking code changes
  • Creative writing for keywords and keyword groups
  • Setup of effective keyword match types
  • Creation and deployment of bid rules for each campaign
  • Initial competitor and market analysis
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