Organic SEO

Organic listings are unpaid results returned by a search engine that are generally located on the left of the screen. These types of results are based on the relevance of the keyword(s) or phrases entered into a search box by a user, to the contents of the web pages that are returned by the search engine. Often they are called "pure", "natural search", or "natural listings", as opposed to pay-per-click listings, sponsored links or paid advertisements which have paid for a ranking.

Searchers trust organic listings and will quite often select these links based simply on their ranking. They believe that organic results offer more relevance to their search and offer a greater depth of choice. Google Search Engine OptimizationThis is due to the trust that is built up between the search engines and the searchers. Google’s main goal is to provide the most relevant search results through its organic listings. To do so Google has uses algorithms to rank websites by its relevance to specific keywords or keyword phrases. In doing this Google has developed a reputation for providing some of the most relevant organic search results, which has lead them to becoming one of the most trusted search engines, and now averages close to 68% of all search engine traffic.

Our research has shown that very few searchers move beyond the first 3 pages of a search engine's organic listings. They strongly believe that the search engine has ranked the results in order of importance and going beyond the first page of listings drastically reduces their chances of finding anything relevant. Therefore, having a top 10 listing is paramount to your business.

Search Engine SEO World is one of the premier organic search engine optimization companies with offices in Jacksonville, Tampa, and Orlando Florida. We provide organic search engine optimization for companies across the nation. If you would like to know more about how to achieve top listings in organic search results contact us today and ask for a Free Search Engine Ranking Analysis.

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